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    Mezcal Amores

    Bebo del sol su sangre... from the sun we drink its blood

    Mezcal Amores is a project made with love, founded by friends in love with the heritage, culture and history of their country.

    This is an artisanal mezcal with complete transparency in its production process and a dedication to fair trade.  As a result we have a spirit made with integrity and diligence at every level of its production.  This ensures us that the entire process, from the farmers, to the distributors and through to you, each and every batch is a creation of a production line that really cares about the end product, and as a result the mezcal is of the highest quality - smooth and pure.

    We were invited to the Amores distillery in Oaxaca back in 2015 and were blown away by the brands' style, ethos, dedication to sustainability and exceptional taste.  Today we are partners with Amores and have focused our time on spreading the love and education of Mezcal Amores in the UK.

    Mezcal Amores... "Your spirit gets me high"