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    Elephant Gin

    Elephant Gin is an award-winning handcrafted premium gin of 45% alcoholic volume made with rare African botanicals. While its story started in South Africa, Elephant Gin is handmade in Germany with a focus on highest quality production standards. All ingredients are hand-selected, bottles custom-made, labels hand-written and production efforts controlled by working in small batches. 15% of the profits of Elephant Gin is returned to Africa to help save the Elephants and their environment which is so treasured by the Elephant Gin team. 

    Tea & Tequila has brought Elephant Gin to the Mexican Market since the beginning of 2016. We are distributing the Gin around Mexico City to the best bars, shops and restaurants. We are proud to share the wonderful story of this drink that has won numerous Golds at the World Spirit Awards and to share its exquisite and innovative flavour to all of the Gin Lovers in Mexico!